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Game of Thrones 6x4

Book of the Stranger

Game of Thrones  Season 6 Episode 4 ”Book of the Stranger     ” :- Watch Game of Thrones  Season 6 Episode 4 on 123moviestvshow.comTyrion strikes a deal. Jorah and Daario undertake a difficult task. Jaime and Cersei try to improve their situation.This episode was fraught with flaws from even a critical standpoint. The acting was poor in parts. The dialogue was poor in parts. The subtitles were appalling in parts, as well as containing simple speech mistakes. The scenes present had errors with their continuity from past scenes also having plot flaws, as well as shown errors.One of the first scenes opened with Sansa’s hair all over the place and no make up, upon her entering Castle Black. Right away as she meets her brother, no pause jumping to another different location, she has brushed her hair and has a face full of make-up, talking to her brother who took her immediately indoors for a chat. The Umbers and Karstraks are some of the biggest houses of Northern bannermen. They have offered an alliance to the Bastard, Boltons this season in the past episode. So please tell me just how Theon has walked across the north getting to the Iron Islands, when the Bastard has commented knowing where Sansa and Brienne have gone, and has used his hounds to track them to Castle Black, but he also has the larger Northern houses at his disposal? We know they are the larger houses of the Northern bannermen, outside of the Starks and the Boltons from when Rob Stark took them all to war. Why would t

May. 15, 2016

Game of Thrones season 6

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