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Dead South

Dead South

Jul. 16, 2017 108 Min.
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Dead South :-Watch Dead South on 123moviestvshow.com,In the wake of the American Civil War two vampires rise and fight to reclaim their land from the inhabitants of a sleepy Southern town.Dead South also known as Vampire Wars is supposed to be an Action Horror Drama but is in fact a muddled mess of a movie. The premise is that two confederate brothers who were turned into vampires at the end of The Civil War are trying to collect tribute which they want to use as an offering for a shaman who can turn them back into humans. They stumble upon a town in the south where Vampires, Southern Land Owners and Cannibal Ghoul Home Guard have an alliance in order to exploit freed slaves or anyone else who opposes them. The brothers end up with a deed to a piece of arable land and make a deal with some of the freed slaves and unemployed townsfolk who will work the land and receive an equal share of the land for the profits from the harvest…obviously the Vampire- Ghoul-Landowner coalition in not happy with this and fighting occurs.Whilst the premise of the movie actually sounds intriguing, the acting in Dead South is below par and cringe worthy as is the writing. The sets are also less then believable and cheap looking. There is also narration at the beginning which claims that over one million soldiers were killed in the Civil War when in fact the historical figure is around six hundred and twenty thousand. Obviously who ever wrote it couldn’t even do the tiniest amount of historical research. On top of that there are glaring inconsistencies and plot holes in the movie such as the brothers being told that they will be in incredible pain in direct sunlight and then walking and fighting in direct sunlight without any issues. Overall a very poor effort with a mostly unknown cast which makes Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter look like a cinematic masterpiece in comparison.

Original title Dead South
TMDb Rating 6 2 votes

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