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May. 14, 2015
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Insane :-Watch Insane on 123moviestvshow.com,The weirdo and sadomasochist Condom is sent to a little village in southern Italy to kill a professional killer.Massimiliano Cerchi…please find another line of work. I could have tie wrapped a go-pro to a squirrel and made a better movie than this. I’ve seen “adult-themed” films, filmed on VHS in a back yard of a house that has better acting. Good grief, the only thing “Insane” about this, was I watched the entire train wreck, rather than the insides of my eyelids…like my wife opted. Let me point out a few glaring and blatant mistakes I don’t think are even taught in film school because they rank with: “Make sure the camera is on”. If you have an actor standing at the stove “cooking”, maybe actually have something in the pan and have the stove on, plates out, bags of food…ANYTHING to suggest the actor is actually making something, rather than have them pushing a spatula around an empty cold frying pan. Also if you’re trying to show actors watching TV, how’s about having a TV in front of them…..on. Really? REALLY?? Wow, this was bad. Was this supposed to be a frightening movie? Or an example of how to make terrible waste of hard drive space? The most terrifying thing about this film was the thought that you might be supporting a family on an income producing such magnificent bowel movements you call, film. All I can say Massimiliano is the world does need ditch diggers.

Original title Insane

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