Marvel’s Daredevil: Season 2

Mar. 18, 2016
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Dark forces are tearing Hell’s Kitchen apart once again, but this time Daredevil may have to choose between the city and his friends.One of the finer things about Daredevil is his real life persona Matt Murdock and how he interacts with people around him. The legal team of three is a presentable party, both in platonic or romantic sense. They are not the large group of superheroes, just ordinary people trying to do good in place that needs it the most, which is an easy angle for audience to invest on.
Both of his colleagues show bravery in their own way, a nice approachable undertone that one doesn’t have to be superhuman to help or relate. However, even having help on daily basis, Daredevil is on his own when donning the suit. This is a contrasting, a bit desolated feel for the hero who is struggling to keep his life in balance, but he’s slowly getting comfortable in his night time job and also getting infamy from authority and opponent alikeFor the new nemesis, the show goes full action vibe. It introduces this antagonist with bravado and brutality, almost in a mythical way. He is the equivalent of the Daredevil yet far more brutal, a fine villain to have after Fisk. The action department never fails to give an impact to any fight or broken limbs, especially here, in a scene that establishes the tone for the season.



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