Stranger Things: Season 1

Jul. 15, 2016
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It continues with the depiction of the 80s, way more lively and realistic than in the first episode, in which all looked like someone trying to copy the 80s style of movies and TV series and failing, all a little bit fake.
The acting also helps, even though sometimes it is a little bit on the primary school play. It is more assured than in the first episode, all actors more comfortable in their roles. It helps that the plot gives its characters something to do.
Talking about the plot. It is still a little bit as if a group of friends had decided to get together and throw all the typical and topical ideas from the 80s in a hat and then decided to pick some of them up randomly and make a story out of that thin thread. We continue with the developing of the ‘mysterious’ Eleven’s story-line, and also with Will’s search. For like a couple of seconds we can enjoy again Modine’s super-white hair. All of it is quite basic and seen a hundred of times before. The actors delivery of the dialogue is what glues the story for now.



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